Where Next for Your Business?

Our customers are business owners relying on their businesses to build the life they want.

Different questions come up at different stages in business life. We understand the different stages of a business and can bring our experience to where you are with your business.

If the questions below are what you are asking yourself, let’s have a conversation.

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The Start Up Time


Planning the business you want

  • Holding down a day job, maybe relying on your partner’s job
  • What can I do that’s different or better than anyone else?
  • Should I use a Company or a Trust?
  • Which Bank can I talk to?
  • When do I go out on my own?
  • Do I need a trading name?
  • Will a business plan help?
  • What tech do I need?

The Survival Years


Getting past the first three years

  • Working seven days
  • Connecting with your Partner even though it’s like you never see them
  • Have we done the right thing?
  • Why would a customer choose us?
  • Which loan should I repay first?
  • Can we afford a staff member to help?
  • Can I find something second-hand that does the job?

The Building Years


Building the business

  • Attracting the right staff
  • Offering the good staff a reason to stay
  • Buying property
  • Should I minimise tax or pay off the bank?
  • Who is my 80/20 (ideal) customer?
  • Should I buy more equipment?
  • Do I buy out my opposition?
  • Should I buy my own premises?
  • How big should I grow?
  • Should I pay someone even though I could do it myself?

Cashing-In Time

Cashing In

Marking big, reliable cashflows and investing them

  • Staying hungry, but no longer having to chase
  • Paying off mortgages as fast as you can
  • Catching up the Super you couldn’t put in earlier
  • Do I buy another property to retire to one day?
  • Recruiting to get some time back for yourself and your family
  • Is my tax set up still suitable for where I am now?

Planning the Exit


Making sure it was worth it

  • Taking more holidays
  • Working out who might buy you out
  • Keeping the cashflows flowing
  • Making sure things don’t slip
  • Giving back something, and helping others who are starting up
  • Understand the tax laws for selling
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